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ns-3 uses the Mercurial software revision control system which
is a replacement for tools liks cvs or subversion. Thus, to get
access to the development versions of ns-3, you need to install
mercurial first. See

Mercurial cheat sheet

Look at our project history and source code:

clone this repository:
hg clone

commit locally:
hg status
hg add <new files, if any>
hg ci -m "message"

pull development tree changes to your local repository:
hg ci -m "my local changes are recorded"
hg pull
hg update (apply the changes)  OR
hg merge (if you've made local changes)

view the change log:
hg log <file>

push upwards (developers access only):
To the main repository:
hg push ssh://

To your private repository:
hg push ssh://