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This file contains ns-3 release notes (most recent releases first).

Release 3.0.8 (2007/11/15)
   - A simple error model
   - Source files for ns-3 tutorial

Release 3.0.7 (2007/10/15)
  - OLSR routing protocol
  - A timer class
  - Additional mobility models (random waypoint, random 2D walk)
  - A mobility visualization tool 

Release 3.0.6 (2007/09/15)
  - Static multicast IPv4 routing
  - Logging overhaul (NS_LOG macros)
  - Refactoring of tracing subsystem
  - Tutorial document started
Release 3.0.5 (2007/08/15)

  - Refactoring to support win32-based unix environments (Cygwin, mingw)
  - "Packet socket" for allowing applications to access NetDevices directly
  - Generalized, polymorphic Address class
  - Add CSMA NetDevice model (from Emmanuelle Laprise)
  - Modularize IPv4 routing support (from Gustavo Carneiro)
  - Add mobility framework and basic mobility models 
  - Global unicast centralized routing 

Release 3.0.4 (2007/07/15)

  - Enable waf as the default build system.
  - Per-packet metadata:  a system to track which headers and trailers 
    are added to a packet
  - Simplifications to point-to-point devices and channel

Release 3.0.3 (2007/06/15)

  - Enable Waf for release tarballs: users can now build ns-3
    with the "waf" tool. See doc/build-waf.txt.
  - Add support for variable time precision: it is now possible
    to run a simulation with an accuracy which is higher or lower
    than a nanosecond: seconds, milliseconds, microseconds, 
    femtoseconds and picoseconds are supported.
  - Optimize and rework the COM framework, solidify the component 
  - Many small API cleanups

Release 3.0.2 (2007/05/18)

  - Implement a new memory management infrastructure based
    on reference counting and smart pointers (the latter being

  - Implement a COM-like framework with support for QueryInterface
    to provide object extensibility

  - Add support for a BSD-style socket API for user applications

Release 3.0.1 (2007/03/31)

  - First public release; not yet pre-alpha.

  - Simple UDP-based simulation script (examples/