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implementation and plumbing of Ipv4InterfaceAddress class

1. Changeset:

- deconflict NetDevice::ifIndex and Ipv4::ifIndex (bug 85)

Changed public API (src/node)

All function parameters named "ifIndex" that refer to an Ipv4 interface
are instead named "interface". 

- static const uint32_t Ipv4RoutingProtocol::IF_INDEX_ANY = 0xffffffff;
+ static const uint32_t Ipv4RoutingProtocol::INTERFACE_ANY = 0xffffffff;

- bool Ipv4RoutingProtocol::RequestIfIndex (Ipv4Address destination, uint32_t& ifIndex);
+ bool Ipv4RoutingProtocol::RequestInterface (Ipv4Address destination, uint32_t& interface);
(N.B. this particular function will be later renamed to RouteOutput() in the 
proposed IPv4 routing refactoring)

- uint32_t Ipv4::GetIfIndexByAddress (Ipv4Address addr, Ipv4Mask mask);
+ int_32t Ipv4::GetInterfaceForAddress (Ipv4Address address, Ipv4Mask mask) const;

- bool Ipv4::GetIfIndexForDestination (Ipv4Address dest, uint32_t &ifIndex) const;
+ bool Ipv4::GetInterfaceForDestination (Ipv4Address dest, uint32_t &interface) const;
(N.B. this function is not needed in the proposed Ipv4 routing refactoring)

New public API or classes (src/node)


Changed private API (src/internet-node)

New private API or classes (src/internet-node)


- allow multiple IPv4 addresses to be assigned to an interface (bug 188)